1. Transformation with God
    • Devote time with Him (i.e. Prayer).
    • Accept His love and blessings.
    • Permit Him to change my heart.
    • Obey Him in all things.
  2. Transformation with Myself
    • He must become more important,
      while I become less important [John 3:30].
    • Embrace my overhaul.Continue to grow mentally and spiritually.
    • Seek a healthy body and mind.
  3. Transformation with Family
    • Love them unconditionally.
    • Be there for them (i.e. make time).
    • Intercede in prayer for them.
  4. Transformation with the World
    • Become involved within the world.
    • Serve as a disciple of Christ.
    • Pray for those still in the world.